Tablescaping Tips for Your Easter Celebration

Olivia Barredo

April 4, 2023


 Easter has always been one of the most significant holidays in the Philippines, and it’s no surprise that Filipino families often gather together to celebrate such a special occasion with a feast. Filipinos will always have a soft spot for food, so why not enhance the main attraction by setting a beautifully decorated table? Not only does it add to the festive atmosphere, but it also makes the occasion even more memorable and a whole lot more Insta-worthy. But what things should you take into consideration? We’ve provided a list of tablescape tips perfect for your at-home family-wide Easter celebration.

Color scheme

 Having an easter-themed celebration is a perfect opportunity to integrate pastel colors into the tablescape to create a very festive, fun, and inviting atmosphere. Pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green are commonly associated with Easter, and can easily be mixed and matched with other neutral colors. Pastel colored napkins and placements are good places to start with, making it significantly easier to work around from those!


 If something a little more visually appealing is what you need, it might do you well to consider adding a table runner. A well-chosen table runner can make for a beautiful and elegant touch. Find colors the complement your theme to make your tablescape more striking, or even patterns that add to the ambiance of the table setting. Floral, botanical patterns are always a good choice, while lace can add a bit of an air of sophistication depending on the vibe you’re going for! 

Center piece

 The focal point of your table that will set the tone for the rest of the decor–the centerpiece is a perfect opportunity for you to make a statement! Popular choices for an Easter-themed celebration is a floral arrangement in pastel colors, or experiment with bright, vibrant colors for something that will surely stand out. If you’re in the mood to create something a little more fun and crafty, having a centerpiece that incorporates easter eggs, easter bunnies, and a basket will definitely evoke a whimsy, childlike feel.


 Your tableware choices can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your tablescape. Don’t be afraid to bring out the fancy silverware and plates, as big celebrations like these are the perfect time to make use of them! Making use of the elegant plates will surely bring out the sophistication of your tablescape, and especially when paired perfectly with the right colors, you’re sure to leave an impression with your design. 

 Alternatively, using colorful and playful plates is just what you need to create a more casual but cute atmosphere. Stripes, polkadots, and floral patterns are full-proof choices to start with, and taking the time to see what works and what doesn’t will help you discover unique, and perhaps even eclectic looks. 


 Playing around with your lighting can play an important role in setting the mood for your Easter-themed celebration. Soft and warm lighting can set a cozy and inviting atmosphere best fitting for dinners, while brighter lighting can give your table a more vibrant, fresh, and lively feel good for the daytime whether it be a brunch, a lunch, or merienda. Consider making use of candles to add soft lighting especially when dining outdoors, and christmas lights for something a little more whimsical. 

 Ultimately, your tablescape design should be a manifestation of your creativity! Create your own color scheme and bring to life your own visions for Easter Sunday by mixing and matching colors and patterns of your choosing. Letting your creativity shine through for significant events such as these will surely make for wonderful memories and strengthen bonds with family and friends!