Star-Studded Real Estate: Celebrity Houses That You Might Want to Check Out

Olivia Barredo

February 10, 2023


Celebrities have hectic schedules and might all benefit from having a quiet place to escape the public eye for a while. The mansions that famous people spend millions on are their safe havens, which is why they are so important to them. A luxurious home of their own is a great sign of how far they have come because of how hard they have worked.


In the Philippines, the majority of high-profile individuals choose to own real estate in or around the metro area, since this is where the majority of their respective businesses are located. Others choose to put their money into vacation houses located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. In any case, these enticing celebrity houses are wonderful sources of design inspiration from which we may draw ideas on how to decorate our own rooms.


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Star-Studded Real Estate: 10 Celebrity Homes That You Might Want to Check Out

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes


Image from Dingdong Dantes

After two decades, Marian River and Dingdong Dantes finally achieved a new milestone with their three-story residence in Makati. The home features a large pool fitted with a tropical-designed outdoor veranda; lush greenery also adorns the home with touches of it scattered across the exteriors and interiors of the home. The firm responsible for bringing Dingdong Dantes' vision to life is Vazdesigns Asia Consult, a boutique design firm that is most popular for contemporary designs, cliff-side homes, and veranda houses.

Vice Ganda

Back in 2021, Vice Ganda posted a video on his YouTube channel of his new house in its bare form. The TV personality originally purchased the lot for his grandfather; work on the house was delayed for a while because his grandfather died and he was devasted to continue working on the house. However, Vice kept the property and began to work on it. 


Image from Real Living

Today, Vice Ganda has showcased the property on many of his Vlogs. What was once a bare space was now equipped with luxury features that include mini-bar, spacious guest rooms, a spa & sauna, an entertainment room, and even a glass pool. 

Xian Lim

Xian Lim gives fans a virtual tour of his multi-level house from the early 1980s. According to Xian, he acquired the property 10 years ago and retained the house's original construction. The home is a blend of styles to accommodate Xian's mother, Mary Anne, and grandmother, Leonie, who live with him. Blending old and contemporary suits Xian's style. Xian emphasizes that he wants his visitors to feel at home. Xian's interior designer, Taylor Living, included an L-shaped sofa in the main floor living room for that purpose. The "attic" is his house's hangout for like-minded friends. "A nice location to unwind and discuss life," says Kapamilya star. The dining room, where the family makes up for a missed time, is "extremely intimate" to him.


Image from Fashion PULIS

Xian's musical instruments and Lola Leonie's clown and animal sculptures are displayed strategically in his house. His residence includes at least three pianos, the most unusual of which is on the bottom level. No longer made, it's antique. The harmonica, cello, and guitar are among Xian's instruments. He possesses a West African Djembe drum but doesn't play it. Lola Leonie's figure collection is huge; the miniatures were dispersed throughout their residence or maintained in their crates. 

Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao


Image from Real Living

After spending years competing in the boxing ring, People's Champ Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee have found their luxury sanctuary in a three-story home tucked inside the sophisticated enclave of Forbes Park, a community reserved only for the wealthy and famous. They have made several other investments in international real estate, but the celebrity beach house resort décor of this one sets it apart as something special. Since the walls are made of glass, the celebrity homeowners are able to enjoy calming views of the outside world from the comfort of their own house, which also benefits from a large amount of natural light and space.

Aljur Abrenica


Image from Filipino Guide

Aljur Abrenica's townhouse in Quezon City is a wonderfully crafted luxury residence that undoubtedly complements the owner and reflects the owner's favored style, which may be described as industrial while yet maintaining an air of elegance. The house incorporates a variety of industrial design features, including sharp corners, metal elements, and detailed woodworking. In addition, it makes extensive use of brickwork, which works splendidly with the stark industrial style. The house is decorated in warm, complementary tones of brown and red, which are both earth colors. The townhouse has a complete kitchen, a second living space or bonus room on the second story, and a gym or bonus room on the third floor.

Slater and Kryz Uy


Image from PEP.PH

Following their breathtaking ceremony that took place on the beach, Slater Young and Kryz now reside in their very own opulent house known as the SkyPod, which is located in the bustling city of Cebu, the couple's birthplace. The blogger couple made sure to keep their followers informed about every development, beginning with the building process and continuing all the way up to the day they officially moved into their new home. According to Slater, this was a really difficult architectural undertaking, and the results are impressive. The superbly constructed patio area, interiors with an industrial motif, ambient accent lighting, and enormous swimming pool all come together to create the impression of a paradise here on earth.

Derek Ramsay


Image from Real Living

It should come as no surprise that this actor's mansion in Palawan is called a "glass house," given that one side of the building is constructed completely out of glass. The breathtaking panorama served as the inspiration for the design of the home. Due to the fact that the whole side is built out of glass, it is possible to have a view of the beautiful beach even when you are in the middle of another room in the home. The home also has a bright and open floor plan, which contributes to the light and airy atmosphere that characterizes the setting. It is possible that another outstanding feature of the house is the fact that it is loaded with art in a variety of styles and mediums. This high-end glasshouse is filled with works of art that stimulate all the senses, including paintings, sculptures, figures, and furniture. 


Sharon Cuneta


Image from Real Living

When you look at the images of Megastar Sharon Cuneta's mansion in Mandaluyong, it seems as if you are looking through pages torn from a book of fairy tales. The large staircase in the living room of the Megastar mansion is a shining example of the overall refinement of the home. This staircase exudes classic elegance with its marble treads and wrought iron railing, and it is the focal point of the living room. Sliding doors, stunning drapes, and wonderful paintings combine to make the celebrity house a luxurious but comfortable sanctuary. The choice of bamboo curtains helps to make the house feel warm and welcoming.

Willie Revillame


Image from Kenneth and Mock


Willie Revillame's tropical hideout in Tagaytay boasts of all that this world has to offer in terms of sophistication and elegance, and it is located in what is commonly regarded as one of the best places in the Philippines to live. Willie has been in the public eye for decades as one of the Philippines' most beloved noontime hosts, so this ultra-luxurious mansion is the ideal location for him to unwind and recharge at the end of the week. The expansive backyard of the home has an outdoor space that was exquisitely constructed by a landscape designer. A lot of thinking went into the creation of this beauty. This lavish tropical villa has spectacular vistas from a hilltop location. This home's massive glass sliding doors and windows, stone pillars, and verdant garden space are all hallmarks of classic tropical elegance.


These celebrities, who we look up to for their unique abilities and experiences as well as their taste in design, are able to produce stunning works of art in the shape of their houses due to the combination of all of these factors. As much as we like these celebrity houses, they may also be an excellent resource for interior design or home construction on lots that are for sale. You could also look at the homes of celebrities for design ideas and inspiration for your own high-end homes.